“We are living now. Before, we survived, the one who managed to do so”

Andres, 48 years old, he is one of the residents at an autonomy housing in Madrid

We promote shared homes with professional support where people recover emotionally and they can restart their life project

At HOGAR SÍ we promote shared homes programs for people with basic income and that are under the risk of exclusion. These people receive professional support adapted to their needs and to the vital moment they are living.

Housing Led programs offer a shared housing on a temporal basis to people needing support to get their life back and have good results of social and labor integration. With these programs we support homeless youngsters at a very important moment of their lives: the transition to adult life, as well as adult people who need to resume their lives gaining autonomy back from a home with support.

Maximum 12 month stays

Skills for the use of housing and autonomous life

Training and labor project


Youngsters, formerly under guardianship or coming from the network for the homeless between 18 to 25 years of age, with no resources to cover their basic needs of housing, care and with no family or support networks are a risk group.

At HOGAR SÍ we are committed with a housing-centered model, focusing on the development of youth, fostering their access to a normalized social network, strengthening their personal qualities and boosting their skills.

At HOGAR SÍ we want to eradicate homelessness so that no one lives on the street

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