“I think we are not capable to realize what it is not to have a home. The loneliness it means.
The most useful thing of this program is how quick you go from survival mode to living mode.”

Sam Tsemberis

Traditional responses to homelessness (shelters, emergency centers) have not managed to eradicate homelessness

Habitat is the housing program that HOGAR SÍ supports for the homeless living the worse situations. It is based on the Housing First methodology, which offers an innovative response to the homelessness phenomenon and aims at eradicating it.

Habitat provides the person with an individual home and professional support depending on their needs and demands. Neither the support nor the stay in the home are conditioned to achieving previous objectives of social intervention; it is the person the one determining the goals and the degree of support needed to achieve them. The program requires to follow some basic commitments such as accepting the periodical visit of a professional, contributing to the expenses of the home if the person has revenues, maintaining good neighborhood relations and participating in the external evaluation of the program.

HOGAR SÍ is the first organization developing this methodology in Spain and is obtaining excellent results in all the evaluations carried out.

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of the people keep their home


Euros per day is the cost of a place at Habitat. It is similar or cheaper than many of the other existing resources, and it offers a stable home and an intervention of greater degree


of the people have recovered their family ties

In 2018 we already have 195 homes in A Coruña, Alicante, Arona, Aviles, Barcelona, Cordoba, Coslada, Gipuzkoa, Granada, Madrid, Mostoles, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Seville, Valencia and Zaragoza; municipalities where the Hábitat program is actively working or is at its initial stage. More municipalities will join the program in the coming months.

A lo largo de 2017, además de Barcelona, Madrid y Málaga, hemos sumado viviendas en Alicante, Arona, Avilés, Córdoba, Coslada, Gipuzkoa, Móstoles, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Sevilla, Valencia y Zaragoza, municipios en los que ya funciona el programa Hábitat de forma activa o en proceso de inicio, lo que suma un total de 161 viviendas. Más municipios se sumarán al programa en los próximos meses.

It goes without saying, but it is necessary to repeat it: homelessness is a housing problem. Read more about the innovative methodology of Housing First.

HOGAR SÍ and Provivienda have an alliance for the development of the Housing First intervention model in Spain in order to maximize the results thanks to the specialization of Provivienda and HOGAR SÍ in their fields of work.


We know that ending homelessness is possible, but we need your support to ensure that no one lives on the street.

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