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#HomEU: Sign up to end homelessness in Europe 

What is happening every day and every night in the European Union? At least 895,000 people face the brutal reality of homelessness. In addition to lack of housing, homelessness represents the denial of fundamental rights such as health, employment and security. Structural poverty, the housing crisis or COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine have pushed thousands of people into this situation across Europe. Therefore, against this backdrop and the upcoming European Parliament elections, HOGAR SÍ is launching the #HomEU campaign to promote support for a manifesto to eradicate homelessness. 

In June 2021, the Lisbon Declaration was signed, the origin of the European Platform to Combat Homelessness, a commitment by the main institutions, national authorities and social organizations to eradicate this phenomenon by 2030. Its goals are clear: affordable emergency housing, rapid transition to permanent housing and prevention of evictions and non-discrimination. 

One month before the European Parliament elections and the upcoming renewal of the European Commission, the course towards the fulfilment of these commitments is being decided. This period until 2029 is crucial: will the promises be translated into concrete actions? 

This legislature is crucial if the goal of eradicating homelessness is to be achieved. The manifesto calls on candidates to heed the organisation’s proposals and to include the Lisbon commitment in their electoral programmes, adopting effective measures to guarantee decent housing. 

It is time to act. The countdown to 2030 has begun. 


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